A & A Apparel Co. is a handmade clothing by two sisters, Tatum and Page. We've always enjoyed expressing our creative side, and are so excited to be able to finally share it with all of you.

A&A Apparel all started, when Page was shopping and saw the most amazing fabric. She knew she had to have it to make something for her (at the time) newborn son. Page borrowed their moms very old sewing machine and it all began. Then the idea of A&A was born, named after our sons Aaron & Asher.

Since, we have learned and grown so much. We are passionate about creating trendy and long lasting items for your children.

We opened up shop in 2017, at that time we were a made to order shop. Life got the best of us, and we took a short break after being open just over a year.The demand of made to order, was hard to maintain with balancing jobs, being mothers, and wives. We are ecstatic to be reopening. We are now a ready to ship shop. Meaning the items are all sewn and awaiting your order. 

It is a true honor and a dream of ours to share these creations with your family. We are so grateful for your support. We put such pride and hard work in to each item. These pieces are more than just clothes, but vessels used to make memories. 


Hi I'm Page this is my husband Zack and my son Aaron (now one and a half) Aaron is the whole reason we started this shop, he is one of the 'A's in A & A apparel co. I was inspired to make clothes for him and now i want to share that with your children.I love to shop small, when i had Aaron it was the first time i found out about the amazing small shop community and the amazing people in it! I'm so glad to be apart of it, I'm 22 years old and i love spending time with my family and sewing new things! i just want to say thank you for helping my dream come true in creating this buisness with out our awesome customers it wouldnt be possible!


Hey everyone, I am Tatum. Married to the love of my life, Tobias, blessed to be a mother to 3 loving, rambunctious kids (Tyrel, Asher, and Arilyn), a Jesus follower, a true crime fanatic, coffee lover, enneagram 2,  a graphic design hobbiest, vegan eater, chaos coordinator. My sister is my best friend, and to embark on this journey that is A & A Apparel Co. with her is thrilling. Our parents are entrepreneurs, so it is only natural we maintain that spirit.